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Welcome parents ... worldwide!

'Spell Bee Academy' aims to support you as a Parent,
to help you teach Spelling to Your Child.

We know you are serious about your child knowing the CORRECT SPELLING.

But the thought in your mind is WHAT TO DO!

You have reached the CORRECT PLACE to get GUIDANCE on WHAT TO DO.

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SPELL BEE ACADEMY has designed GUIDANCE for parents like you, grade wise/class wise.
It states the MUST DO's and the MAY DO's for your child.

You may choose from a basket of learning and testing opportunities.

We can only suggest ... Decision is yours. You are most welcome to write / talk to us for guidance. You may whatsapp at +91 9820354672 or write to us at phonicsindia@gmail.com, now.
Please click on the grade of your child (in red boxes below) to know more.

MUST DO's & MAY DO's : Nursery

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MUST DO's & MAY DO's : Grade/Class 5

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# FIRST LEARN : Learning material are provided after registration for a particular level. Learning material - WORD LISTS - will be shared in lots through the months at our website. After child learns each lot parent must inform same vide email to get the next lot of WORD LISTS. Parents will be guided on the process after successful registration. No fee for the same. No classes to be attended for learning. Parent can contact author vide email for any query related to the study material. # THEN TEST : There will be two rounds of tests - PRELIM and FINAL. Each test will be conducted in an online class. All questions will be asked from the learning material provided only. Details on the test process will be provided to parents only before the test. All related queries will be answered then. Test dates will be informed vide email. Email ID provided during registration will be used for this communication. We will not whatsapp thsi communication.

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History of Spell Bee

The earliest evidence of spelling bee dates back to 1850, although an earlier name, spelling match, has been traced back to 1808.
The catalyst for the contests was Noah Webster's spelling books. These were first published in 1786. These spelling books were an essential part of the curriculum of all school children in the United States for almost five generations.
Spelling bees became widespread across the United States during the 1800s. It intended to motivate students to learn standardized spelling. These spelling bees were usually held within individual schools and towns. These were not nationally conducted.
In 1908, the NEA held what it called the "first national spelling bee" at its convention in Cleveland. Marie Bolden, a black girl from Cleveland, was the champion.
The annual United States National Spelling Bee was started in 1925 by The Courier-Journal, the newspaper of Louisville, Kentucky. The winner was Frank Neuhauser, who won the 1st National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. in 1925 at the age of eleven.
The above details are from wikipedia.