Spelling Tests

How to Prepare for Spell Bee Competition exams?

The best way to prepare for any exam is to take some practice tests.

Here are Spelling Tests for spell bee words for Class 6 students - 6th Graders.

Click below on each link of this range of SPELLING TESTS.

Access is free worldwide.

These are part of the worldwide H&D Scholarship program fully funded by Debashis Pati. He is the author of maximum number of spelling books in the world, all available at amazon.

SPELL BEE ACADEMY is his vision.

Class 7 : TEST 1


Class 7 : TEST 2

Class 7 : TEST 3

Class 7 : TEST 4

Class 7 : TEST 5

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You may try the Spelling Ability Tester as well.

# Spelling Ability Tester : Click Now